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Goji berries daily consumption

Author: Date:2015/12/30 19:25:41

Many people do not know the real consumption of dried goji berries for health care every day, and some introduce on dried goji berries bags is also wrong, Today we are going to make the correct consumption quantity of dried goji berries:

Adult daily consumption of health care as follows: 5 grams -10 grams;  for treatment dosage: 15 grams;

So it is simple to calculate the quantity one person eat one time as follows:

1, Grade 180-200 pcs / 50 g, according to 180 pcs, 180/50 g = 3.6 / g, then the 5g -10g is equal to 18 -36 pcs;

2, Grade 220 pcs / 50 g, according to 220 pcs, 220/50 g = 4.4 / g, then the 5g-10g is equal to 22 - 44 pcs;

3, Grade 280 pcs / 50 g, according to 280 pcs, 280/50 g = 5.6 / g, then the 5g-10g is equal to 28 - 56 pcs;

So other grades can be calculated by this way.

And so, hope it is helpful for such people eating dried goji berries as you.

dried goji berries
dried goji berries