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2013 Crop Chinese Goji berry Report

Author:Panda Date:2013/7/15 1:58:33

2013 Crop Chinese Goji berry Report

   As tempreture was very low during Goji berry flowering time in April and May, fruit set percentage is much lower than last year, therefore, the output of goji berry is expected 25%-35% less.
2.Quality and size
   Also effected by cold weather in Spring,the general size of goji berry is smaller than former years. 280 and 280 up size are very little. During the harvest time in July, freakish rainy days last several weeks, which is very bad for goji berry, as most of goji berry are sun dried, then the result is lots of goji berry mould. In a word, the quality of gojiberry this year is not as good as former years.
3. Price
   Due to the reduction of output, the price of dried gojiberry at the beginning of harvest season is 15-20% higher than last year,  which is expected to keep increasing.

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